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Family friendly Pesach programs in Israel

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Pesach 2023 - April 5-13

Here are 6 reasons why Kosher Travelers Pesach programs are super family friendly…

  • Gourmet Cuisine – Glatt, No Kitniyot, Gebrocht
  • Private Family or Community Seder
  • Teen & Kids Clubs with counselors (in english)
  • Excellent Scholars, Speakers and Hosts - Rabbi Daniel Hadar, Yossi Fachler, Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf. 
  • Organized Day Tours & Tiyulim

  • Daily Entertainment for Kids & Adults - Ohad, Solomon Brothers



Kosher traveler programs are a great way to enjoy Pesach as a family in Israel. They have great evening activities, lectures, delicious food and high quality customer service. I've enjoyed their programs with my family. 
Joanna Shebson

Joanna Shebson

Founder & FUN Expert, Fun In Jerusalem

Kosher Travelers Pesach Programs

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Kosher Travelers Pesach Programs

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